Oscar Votes 123: IRV versus Sandra Bullock?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IRV versus Sandra Bullock?

Livejournaler Pigeonrat has a good grasp of the implications of the new instant runoff voting system being used by the Motion Picture Academy to choose their Best Picture winner. After Sandra Bullock's Golden Globes win, Pigeonrat wonders if IRV, if applied to Best Actor/Actress might not give us a better idea of who really deserves the performance awards.
Imagine that there are 100 voters, and only three nominees: Sandra, Gabbie, and Carey. Of those 100 voters, 40 believe Sandra should win, and 60 believe that either Gabbie or Carey should win, but that either of them would be better than Sandra. In other words, 60 of the 100 voters believe that ANYONE but Sandra should win.
After seeing how IRV changes the dynamics, Pigeonrat shows how IRV gives us a consensus winner: the actress taking home the award will not be the one disliked by most voters. We'll only get to see IRV in play for Best Picture, but perhaps folks will like the result and decide it can be applied more broadly. We'll see!

1 comment:

  1. Right, so, if in that case, Carey wins, then 70 believe that one of either Sandra or Gabby should win, which is more than the 60, so 70 people believ that ANYONE but Carey should win. It doesn't make sense, you can't make everybody happy.

    P.S. I thought Carey was the best.