Oscar Votes 123: The Oscar Nominations Reflect Diverse Views -- and the Race is On

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Oscar Nominations Reflect Diverse Views -- and the Race is On

Reflecting the choice voting method that doesn't allow any one faction of Academy voters to dominate the nomination process, a range of films earned one of the ten nominations for Best Picture this morning. The web is buzzing with news and analysis, with The King's Speech earning 12 nominations across the many Oscar categories, followed by True Grit with 10 nominations and The Social Network and Inception with 8.

In addition to The King's Speech, The Social Network and True Grit, seven motion pictures earned nominations for Best Picture, with a mix of Hollywood blockbusters and well-reviewed independent films with relatively minor budgets: Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit, Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, Toy Story 3 and Winter’s Bone.

As detailed in our post on the Oscar nomination voting progress, the Academy has relied on the choice voting method of proportional voting for more than a half century, realizing that it ensures a mix of nominees reflecting the full diversity of Academy voters' preferences. It must be working: the Oscar telecast is often the most watched program around the world.

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  1. There's a fun demo of ranked choice voting on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/we-vote/ . It lets you view all the trailers for Best Picture. It lets you rank your top 10 choices (what other online app can do that?). And it shows how the results add up using different systems, including Instant Runoff. Check it out at http://apps.facebook.com/we-vote/