Oscar Votes 123: Campaign Season for Best Picture Is In Full Swing...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Campaign Season for Best Picture Is In Full Swing...

We’re in the final stretch!

Oscar Week is upon us, and it’s anybody’s game in the race for Best Picture. With eight films vying for the honor this year and no runaway front runner, millions across the country and across the world will wait until Sunday night to learn who will take home the famed golden trophy.

Traditionally, such a crowded field would spell doom for a clear Best Picture; with eight nominees, voters might split among their favorite nominees, allowing an unrepresentative winner to emerge.

Fortunately, the Academy has used ranked-choice voting for Best Picture since 2009. Ranked-choice voting allows voters to rank nominees in order of preference and ensures that the film with most consensus support wins the Academy’s most distinguished prize.

This year, eight deserving films earned a nod for Best Picture nominee, and on Sunday night, the one with the broadest support among voters will take home the Oscar.

Want to try voting like The Academy? You can rank your favorite Oscar nominees at our poll here: https://www.opavote.org/vote/6397844772618240

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