Oscar Votes 123: Why Ranked Choice Voting for Best PIcture - and Give it a Try!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Ranked Choice Voting for Best PIcture - and Give it a Try!

Over the years, we've done many  good analyses at Oscar Votes 123 about why it makes so much sense for the Best Picture to be chosen with ranked choice voting (also called "instant runoff voting" and "preferential voting") when there are up to 10 nominees.

This year, wth the various Hollywood guilds divided in their choices this year -- with divided support for Spotlight, The Revenant, The Big Short, Room and more -- the use of ranked choice voting will clarify that the winner much have both  strong core support (the "passion vote") needed to make it past the early rounds of counting and enough mainstream support to defeat its toughest challengers when matched  against them one-on-one in the final round.

Want to try it yourself? Go to our Oscar voting page.

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